services. The key is that this message can be delivered as moving images on the card at the point of purchase, making us immediately aware of what impact our purchase will have on the environment. Rapidly developing chip and screen technologies will mean that in the coming years this idea will become commercially viable.

Projects like Emissary allow Design Stream to create multi disciplinary teams and bring in experts to facilitate the generation of truly innovative results. More importantly, we feel that only analysing both new technologies and market changes balances 'technology push' and 'consumer pull', to highlight the most successful business opportunities in the future.

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Emissary Credit Card Concept

Ethical consumption poses a variety of problems and choices for the consumer. In an age where our shopping habits are governed by individual aspirations and limitations on spending power, perhaps there are more effective ways of helping us to make better choices. Making better and more informed choices about how our lifestyles impact on the environment and indeed others is of vital importance. With this in mind, Design Stream and Identity specialist Sven Vogel co-created the Emissary credit card concept- an engaging way for us to take on board just how we as individuals can make a difference to our future world.

The concept envisions pairing advances in flexible screen technology with the next generation of smart card electronics, to create a credit card which displays messages about our consumption of goods and

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